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Dextrates, NF

Dextrates, NF

Product Code: ED
Dextrates, Hydrated, NF

Ideal for chewable and soluble pills. This Pharmaceutical grade dextrate delivers the necessary flow, compaction, taste masking and flavor carrying capacity. It is highly water soluble and gives a cool smooth mouth feel.

Made in USA & Germany
Certificate of Analysis available upon request
Product CodeNameCADQuantity
Product Code:ED-0001<!1>Dextrates, NF - 1 kgCAD:$84.99
Product Code:ED-0002<!2>Dextrates, NF - 2 kgCAD:$51.99
Product Code:ED-0003<!3>Dextrates, NF - 5 kgCAD:$359.99
Product Code:ED-0004<!4>Dextrates, NF - 10 kgCAD:$186.99
Product Code:ED-0005Dextrates, NF - 20 kgCAD:$1,199.99

Dextrates, NF