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  • Excipients By the Gram & Bulk

  • Featured Item 1

    All-In-One Pre-Mixed Exicipients

    Premium pre-mixed excipient formula containing Microcrystalline Cellulose.

  • Featured Item 2

    Singular Excipients

    First class excipients for pharmaceutical production.

  • Featured Item 3

    Color Dyes

    Vibrant FD&C aluminum lake colors for your pill production.

Build A Pill Your Way

Since 2002, our unique small-batch manufacturing system has yielded excellent quality products, time after time. We are registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as a manufacturing facility.

  • Why Buy From Us?

    We specialize in small-batch manufacturing for research and beyond.

  • Featured Item 1

    Personalized Service

    Whether for a small business or

    individual use

  • Featured Item 2

    Day-Of Shipping

    Perfect tablets shipped to you

    within the day

  • Featured Item 3

    Pre-Mixed Excipients

    Offered in both small and

    large amounts

  • Featured Item 4

    Longest in Business

    Offering premium base products

    since 2002